Maroon Enterprises dates back to 1940, when Charles and Anna Maroon opened a small grocery. The couple had great aspirations to capitalize on their initial success and entrepreneurial spirit to expand their business interests. In 1946, they leased their store to allow more time to investigate additional ideas, and decided to set their objectives toward the periodic acquisition of real estate. The Maroons planned to develop a base of both commercial and residential rental properties in the Ohio Valley area. That theme would turn into one of Maroon Enterprises' most profitable and consistent business endeavors.

The expansion of Maroon Enterprises was not limited to the area of real estate. The Maroons formed the Automatic Music Company (AMC), in the early 1950's as a separate company to operate a vending concern they had established.

Maroon Motors was established in 1951 with a used car dealership. The Maroons operated a number of new car dealerships that did business on a lot purchased across the street from that first grocery store. Their dealerships included Studebaker Packard, Dodge Chrysler Plymouth, and Willy’s Jeep. The car dealerships were phased out in 1965.

In 1955, the Maroons opened their first Laundromat. They found the business most profitable and quickly expanded the endeavor to include six (6) other sites. The Maroons also entered the area of recreational service. In a series of moves that began in 1958, four (4) bowling alleys were opened.

In 1970 the Maroons built the Dallas Pike Truck Stop. This facility offered ARCO products. The truck stop undertaking was extended with the development of their second establishment, Exit Two Truck Stop in Claysville, PA, in 1972. The development coincided with the establishment of a Union 76 affiliation. That relationship gave the Maroons the right to provide Union 76 gas at their truck stop and to sell it to retailers. By 1985, Maroon Enterprises, Inc. held an additional three (3) stops. It was then that the individual managements were brought together, and incorporated to form Consolidated Truckstops, Inc.

In 1981, the corporation, now controlled solely by Mrs. Maroon, began the development of a computer based information system. The end result was a highly sophisticated information processing and mailing service. The computer division was a statement of commitment to the future by both Mrs. Maroon, and her son, Dr. Joseph Maroon, who developed and fostered the vision. This technology division provided mailing services and batch and online computer services for fourteen (14) outside clients at its peak. As personal computers and networks became the technology of choice, this division saw the conversion of its last customer in 2010.

In 1988, it was decided in order to expand services to the trucking industry to establish America’s Truck Wash. This facility offered two fully staffed wash bays to clean the exterior of the trucks that were now visiting the truck stops at the Dallas Pike exit just off Interstate 70 in West Virginia. After seeing the business grow, America’s Truck Wash expanded their services to cleaning the interior of tank trailers. And, while the drivers were waiting on their vehicles to be cleaned, they could browse the small chrome shop that was opened in the drivers lounge.

The 90’s were a time of great expansion. The Bridgeport Shopping Center saw additional construction. The two larger truck stops were demolished and rebuilt as modern facilities to keep up with the changing trucking industry. The smaller stops were closed and/or sold. America’s Truck Wash & Chrome Shop began providing a catalog of its many truck accessories that were now offered. They also began offering their products online and shipped world-wide.

In 1995, after much effort and investment, it was decided that the old Imperial Glass factory was not able to attract vendors as was hoped in order to establish a viable outlet mall. As a result, management decided to raze the former factory and construct what was to become the current Imperial Plaza. This new facility would offer inline space for retail and professional offices as well as several outparcels. The plaza was fully occupied in less than one year of its completion in 1997 and has enjoyed that status since.

In 2005, construction began on yet another expansion to the Bridgeport Shopping Center to provide space for Riesbeck’s Food Markets. As Riesbeck’s opened for business in 2006, the Bridgeport Shopping Center was the largest small town strip plaza in the area offering retail and professional offices.

With the great downturn of the economy around 2008, Maroon Enterprises was forced to make many changes in its business practices. As the trucking industry saw drastic increases in fuel prices, many of the owner/operators decided to get out of the business. This directly affected the truck stop, truck wash and chrome businesses leading to their eventual closure as this was the majority of the customer base.

Today, Maroon Enterprises remains a strong viable company that remains committed to the real estate business holding nearly 150 parcels of property in locations throughout most of the Tri-State area.

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